ISO/FDA/LFGB/EU/SGS/TUV/BV/SASO Standard Certified Paper Cups :
·Our Sale office & Clean workshop in Hefei
·Our Modern Machines
·Our owner in various fairs
·Single Pe/Pla coated Hot Paper cups
·Double Pe/Pla coated Cold Paper cups
·Ripple Wall Pe/Pla coated paper cups
·Double wall Pe/Pla coating Paper cups
·Cups with handle
·Our cups for airline
·Vending machine Cups
·Paper cup sleeve
·PS/PP/PET hot and cold cups Lids
·PLA and mould pulp paper biodegrable lids
·Packing standard and special
Special Cups of ours :
·Cold & Hot drink PLA cups/ biodegradeble/recycle/Composatable
·Biodegradeble recycle compostable packing bags
·Natural color bamboo pulp cups
·Kraft paper cups
·Embossing cups
·Gold stamping/ bronzing/UV printing cups
·Golden & silver color paper cups
·Shinny & matt double & ripple wall cups
·Horizontal & Mesh shape ripple cups
·4-7-8-8B-10-12-16-20oz double/ ripple wall cups
·6-7-8-9-12oz Vending machine cups
·8-10-12-16-20-24oz union lid and updia cup
·32oz big cups
·Party cups
·Foam surface paper cups
·Abnormal cups & French fried cups
·Other Various special & new items
World famous brand Partners of ours :
·Cups made for Nestle
·Cups made for illy
·Cups made for Ikea
·Cups made for Johnny Rockets
·Cups made for Lavazza
·Cups made for C&A
·Cups made for Dallmayr
·Cups made for Globus Airline
·Cups made for Thai Airline
·Cups made for FIFA World Cup Brasil
·Cups made for Government of K.S.A
·Cups made for Polish TV Station
·Cups made for Various EU famous brand
Certificates & Public Activities :
·28 Craft patents and Software copyright
·Our modern workshop
·Testing and QC
·Buyers comment & admire
·Buyers meeting
·Visiting & leaning delegation from Overseas
·Logo & Brands
·Honor in CCTV & EU
·CEO Business Visit in the World
·CEO Public activity in the World
·Employees annual dinner
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Mr.Luo biz trip in America(商务出访美国2)
CEO biz in USA in 1995
Mr.Luo biz trip in America(商务出访美国)
Ms.beth biz trip in Europe(商务出访欧洲)
Ms.beth biz trip in Europe(商务出访欧洲9国)
Mr.Luo biz trip in Germany (商务出访德国)
Mr.Luo biz trip in Algeria(商务出访阿尔及利亚)
Mr.Luo biz trip in Italy (商务出访意大利)
Mr.Luo biz trip in French (商务出访法国)
Mr.Luo biz trip in Vendicn (商务出访梵帝冈)
Mr.Luo Biz in Sinochem Thailand(商务访问在泰国)
Mr.Luo in hotel of South Africa(在南非酒店前留影)
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